Bhogave Beach Sindhudurg

Bhogave Beach is in the vicinity of Kille Nivati. Foamy waves and silver sand is what the Bhogave beach is endowed with. This beach is beautiful and clean. This beach will surely distress you!

Village Bhogave has another attraction of unification of sea and river named Karli. As the beach is serene and calm it is just the perfect place for the person, fed up with city life. This beach has lush green surroundings and golden sands.

Bhogave Beach

                                    Bhogave Beach

Facilities include boating, fishing, and even the sea beach resort is available. The birdwatchers enjoy the birds playing, dancing, eating on this beach. This beach enjoys yet another magnetic characteristic, that is being a habitation of Dolfines. Charming tricks of dolphins are really eye-candy.

How to Reach Bhogave Beach

By Road Nearest Railway Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. The distance between Mumbai – Beach 525 km. The nearest Station is Kudal, 30 k.m. from Beach. Mumbai map
2. The distance between Malvan –  Beach 12 km.

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