Sinhagad Fort Pune ( The Lion’s Fort )

Sinhagad Fort ( The Lion’s Fort ) is one of the most famous attractions of near Pune situated in a distance of 30 km from the city of Pune city of Maharashtra State, India. Sinhagad fort has been situated above the surrounding landscape on Sahyadri hill, at a height of 700 meters. Fort height is 4300 feet above from sea level. Sinhagad fort originally called Kondana, it was renamed the Lion Fort in honor of Shivaji’s trusted aide Tanaji Malusare who lost his life in a daring raid on the fort.

Sinhagad Fort Architecture

There are the only two gates to enter in the fort. When we see those doors, we get a complete idea about how unattackable this fort is. The Kalyan Darwaja is in the south-east and the Pune Darwaza is in the north-east end of the fort. We can be seen the samadhi of Tanaji Malusare, along with the Rajaram (Shivaji’s younger son) inside the Sinhagad fort. Once known for its brilliant architecture, the fort now stands in mostly in ruins.

Sinhagad Fort


The establishment of this fort dates back to about 2000 years ago. Many major and memorable battles of the Indian history have fought under the Sinhagad fort since its establishment between diverse troops. There are ancient carvings available on the walls of the fort, which dates back to about 2000 years old. In 1328, the fort was under the control of the Mughal Emperor. Which had captured from Nag Naik (Koli tribal chieftain).

The nearby Panshan Dam and magnificent views from the top make it a much adored and desired picnic spot.

How to Reach

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. Distance between Pune – Sinhagad Fort 30 kms. Pune Pune Map>
2. Distance between Mumbai – Sinhagad Fort 200 kms.

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