aksa beach

Aksa Beach of Mumbai (Malad Beach)

Aksa Beach is a popular beach and a vacation spot in Aksa village at Malad, Mumbai, India. The beach situated close to Malvani. This beach is next to a village called Madh. Aksa beach is one of those beaches in Mumbai with clean sand, less crowd with a couple of vendors selling ice candies and some eatables. Due to its unsafe nature and distance in a far suburb, this beach is less explored by tourists.

The freshness and feel of that village side environment, far from those city buzzes and pollution, Aksa has those sweet moments for lovers who do not want to get disturbed and also for shell and snail collectors as you can find the same on beach corners. Aksa village will attract those who like the greenery like Goa beaches, Beautiful small row houses, commercial cottages and huts with fisherman seen around a location of malvani is what makes it feel like being in a small village.


This beach is full of quick-sands and susceptible to casualties. aksa beach is unsafe to swim. as the currents, Sand keeps shifting because of the waves. and people often misjudge if they are standing on firm ground. Refreshingly there is an absence of annoying peddlers. This beach well known as lover’s beach. Wade, bathe or sunbathe and try the local cuisine. This beach offers sporty attractions to its visitor’s like beach volleyball, football, and cricket.

aksa beach

How to Reach Aksa Beach

By Road Nearest Railway Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. Distance between Maalad – Aksa Beach 9 kms. 1. Distance between Maalad – Aksa Beach 9 kms. Mumbai Map
2. Distance between Borivali – Aksa Beach 12 kms. Mumbai Map

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