ambagar fort

Ambagar Fort Tumsar Bhandara

The Ambagar Fort is a structure belonging to the medieval period. The Fort is situated in Tumsar taluk of Bhandara district, Maharashtra State, India. The Fort was constructed by Raja Khan Pathan, the subedar of Bakht Buland Shah, the ruler of Devgadh around 1700 A. D. Later it came under the possession of Raja Raghoji Bhonsle of Nagpur who used as the prison for captives. Later on, it had taken over by the British. The ambagar fort about 13 km away from Tumsar city.

The main entrance of the fort still stands in the eastward direction while other parts of the building remain in ruins. Tourists can also witness another tank located outside the fort, which acts as a prime source for fulfilling water requirements of the villagers.

How to Reach Ambagar Fort


By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. The distance between Bhandara – Fort 40 km. Tumsar Raod Nagpur map
2. The distance between Tumsar – Fort 13 km.

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