Arnala Beach

Arnala Beach Mumbai Suburb

Arnala Beach is located near Virar (Far north location of Mumbai Suburb) about 60 km from the heart of Mumbai city. Also, amongst other things offers one of the most beautiful beaches around Mumbai. One of the finest coconut trees beaches in such metro areas of Thane district of Maharashtra state, India.

The proximity to Mumbai, although, has not been able to disturb the fine ecological balance and Arnala has some fine, breathtaking scenic beauty with its clean beaches and the surroundings abundant in natural foliage. Also, Arnala Fort is the nearest places to visit. It has built on a small island of the Arnala port. Since the fort is built on an island and surrounded on all sides by water. because of that, the fort was also known as “Jaldurg” or “Janjire Arnala”, Portuguese called the island “Ilha das vocas”.

How to Reach Arnala Beach

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1. The distance between Mumbai city – Arnala Beach 60 km. Mumbai

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