Ausa Fort

Ausa Fort Latur City

Ausa Fort is located at Ausa city in Latur district of Maharashtra state, India. The fort is spread over 5 hectares with a 20 feet trench around the fort which now has overgrown shurbs.

Ausa fort has two 2 doors to enter and are in good condition and there are several cannons neatly lined up in the entrance. Also, The inner part of the fort is converted into a garden. There is a huge well in between the fort and has a lot of water and water channels underneath. We could even hear the sound of peacocks inside the shrubs in the fort but couldn’t see any of them.

The walls and bastions of the fort are crumbling due to tree growth but the ASI is trying to restore them. Most of the structures are crumbling and may fall down soon. There are a lot of cannon balls too kept inside one of the entrances.

This fort is also under the control of the ASI and a lot of restoration work is done.

How to Reach Ausa Fort

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. The distance between Latur – Ausa Fort 20kms. Latur Latur Map
2. The distance between Pune – Ausa Fort 344kms.

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