Bhandardara Hill Station

Bhandardara Hill Station

Bhandardara Hill Station is a holiday resort village on the western coast of  India. The village is located in the  Ahmednagar district of the state of  Maharashtra, India. Bhandardara sits by the Pravara River and is a blend of natural beauty, waterfalls, mountains, tranquility, greenery, invigorating air, and pristine ambiance. Bhandardara is blessed with three things – rejuvenating climate, charming mountains, and explicit quietness. This hill station is popular for fun loving and picnic lovers.

The Bhandardara lake and the Randha Falls are the major attraction in Bhandardara. Bhandardara is also the base for treks to forts like Ratangad and Harishchandragad and the trek to the highest peak in Maharashtra – Kalsubai.

Best Viewing point:

Randha Falls, a deep valley, a clean and large Arthur Lake, a historical Ratangadh Fort, an ancient temple – Amritheshwar Temple, a peaceful Agasti Rishi Ashram, Wilson Dam also known as Bhandardara Dam, Ghatghar, Konkan kada, angling, and Viewpoints are the important destinations at Bhandardara. It also has a trekking destination – Mount Kalusubai.

  • Wilson Dam or Bhandardara Dam:-

    Bhandardara dam built was 1910. Bhnadardara dam is also known as Wilson Dam. The opening of sluice gates creates two 60 to 80 feet cascades of water that plummet to the rocks below. It’s a spectacular view. Tourists can amble in the circular garden located at the base of the dam.It is one of the oldest dams in Asia, situated at a height of 750 m from mean sea level. The dam is also known for its Umbrella Falls which provides an awe-inspiring sight to visitors. About 11 km from the dam is another waterfall known as the Randha Fall.

  • Arthur Lake:-

    Arthur Lake, a tranquil blue mirror amidst the dense greenery of Bhandardara, is fed by waters from the Pravara River.

Bhandardara Hill Station

  • Mount Kalsubai:- 

    from Bhandardara Tourist can see the highest peak of the Sahyadri range, mount Kalsubai. At 1,646 meters, Mount Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra A favorite of trekkers; it had great strategic importance during the Maratha wars as an observation post.  On top of the Kalsubai there is a temple which has a well. It is said that the water from the well of the temple never goes down below 3 feet.

Bhandardara Hill Station

  • Ratnagad Fort:- 

    Ratangad a 400-year-old fort at 4250ft was as per folklore one of the favorite forts of Shivaji Maharaj.  Very popular with nature lovers and trekkers, it offers spectacular views from its ramparts. The base village of Ratangad is Ratanwadi about an hours drives away from Bhandardara.

Bhandardara Hill Station

  • Amriteshwar Temple:-

    It is the 11th century Shiva temple. this temple is very ancient and old. The style of architecture used in this temple is hemadpanti. The exquisitely crafted temple still stands tall.

Bhandardara Hill Station

  • Agasti Rishi Ashram:- 

    Situated on the banks of Pravara River, Agasthya Rishi Ashram is the legen dary place that gets a mention in the Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Rama and his brother Laxmana visited Shri Agasti Rishi to seek his blessings. The Rishi gave Lord Rama an arrow, which he used to kill Ravana and rescue his wife Sita.

  • Umbrella Falls (Seasonal):- 

    During the monsoon, when the level of the lake rises and the dam is full, water gushes out from a small opening in its northern end over a semicircular rock formation, forming the picturesque Umbrella Falls. A pathway takes you from the park at the foot of the dam to within drenching distance of the falls.

Bhandardara Hill Station

  • Randha Falls (Seasonal):- 

    Randha Falls is a good waterfall to visit. Is the third leading falls in India. The roaring River Pravara descends down from a height of 170 ft into a beautiful gorge. On the other side of the waterfall is a deep valley with the gigantic beehive. The tribal climb down using rope ladders to collect honey.

Bhandardara Hill Station

  • Ghatghar:- 

    Located 22 km from Bhandardara, Ghatghar is a popular viewpoint in the area. It offers a panoramic view of the Sahyadri ranges.

  • Konkan Kada:- 

    A unique formation in the Sahyadris, Konkan Kada is a semicircular cliff consists of about 2,000 feet straight drops into the Konkan plains. The surrounding grandeur and beauty of the plains and the mountains leaves one absolutely spellbound.

Bhandardara Hill Station

  • Angling:- 

    This is the popular place for angling. Tourists can spot a number of large fish over here. Tourists can go angling, but boats are not allowed.

The best time to visit here is during or after the monsoon when you can still smell the wet earth and sense freshness among everything. 

How to Reach Bhandardara Hill Station

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. The distance between Nashik – Bhandardara Hill Station 70 km. Igatpuri Mumbai Map
2. The distance between Igatpuri – Bhandardara Hill Station 45 km.
3. The distance between Mumbai – Bhandardara Hill Station 185 km
4. The distance between Pune – Bhandardara Hill Station 191 km.
5. The distance between Nagpur – Bhandardara Hill Station 750 km. .

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