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  • Itiadoh Dam Gondia

    Itiadoh Dam built on Garvi river near Arjuni Morgaon tahasil in Gondia District, Maharashtra state in India. it has the length and height of 505 m and 29.85 m respectively. Itiadoh Dam Constructed in 1970 by the Government of Maharashtra for the purpose of hydro-electricity generation and irrigation, it is the main source of water for paddy cultivation in the […]

  • Panshet Dam Pune

    Panshet Dam is an about 50 km southwest of the city of Pune district in Maharashtra, India. It was constructed about 40 years back for irrigation purpose. Panshet Dam across the river Aambi in Pune. The Panshet dam is one of the major sources fo water in Thane district and Pune District. The dam is a multipurpose project, The main purpose […]

  • Kolkewadi Dam Chiplun Ratnagiri

    Kolkewadi Dam Chiplun Ratnagiri

    Kolkewadi Dam is a located in Kolkiwadi, three kilometers near the village of Alore, near Chiplun. Chiplun located is a Ratnagiri District in the Konkan region of  Maharashtra,  India. The Kolkewadi Dam is part of Koyana Dam Hydroelectric Project.  It contributes in the 3rd stage of power generation of the Koyna Hydroelectric Project. The main purpose of the dam is the […]

  • Ujjani Dam Solapur (Bhima Dam)

    Ujjani Dam Solapur (Bhima Dam)

    Dam Ujjani Dam, also known as Bhima Dam or Bhima Irrigation Project. It is located near Ujjani village on Bhima river of Madha Taluk in Solapur district of the state of Maharashtra in India. The backwaters cover a large area and the dam considered as one of the appropriate tourist destinations in Maharashtra. The Ujjani Dam and its large reservoir […]