Dams & Lakes

Vaitarna Dam

Vaitarna Dam Thane Modak Sagar Dam

The Vaitarna Dam also called Modak Sagar Dam. The Dam was Built by British Military Engineer lowsone in 1701, who died during its tunnel construction. Later the dam was renovated in 1954 during the Nehru tenure by Bmc engineer Narayan Modak, hence, named after him. before him, the dam was renovated trice. The dam built across the vaitarna river is …

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Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur

The Radhanagari Dam, located in the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, India. It is constructed across Bhogawati River. Radhanagari Dam is a century old dam built by Shahu Maharaj. This dam primarily used for hydro-electricity power generation and also for irrigation purposes.  The dam is 1037 meters long, covering about 11,000 hectares of wooded hills that surround the Radhanagiri Dam. …

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Bhatghar Dam

Bhatghar Dam Pune (Lloyd Dam)

Bhatghar Dam built on Yelwandi river in Bhor takula of Pune District in Maharashtra, India. it is one of the highest river dams wall in India. It is a gravity dam. Bhatghar Dam is also known, Lloyd Dam. Beautiful gardens with water sports have been developed in the surrounding areas. The surrounding area is also worth watching. The main purpose of the …

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Bhandardara Dam

Bhandardara Dam Ahemadnagar Wilson Dam

Bhandardara Dam is constructed across the river Pravara at Bhandardara. Nearby are Randha falls. Bhandardara is a hill station. The dam is located in Taluka Akole of District Ahmednagar, in Maharashtra State, India. It is near about 170 km from Ahmednagar. Bhandardara dam built was 1910. The Dam also is known as Wilson Dam. The opening of sluice gates creates two 60 to 80 feet cascades of …

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Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam (Chowpati) Pune

Khadakwasla Dam is a dam situated 20 km from the City of Pune in Maharashtra, India. The dam is built across the Mutha River, near the Khadakwasla village. Hence the dam derives its name, Khadakwasla Dam. Khadakwasla is a village particularly famous for a big dam which serves as the main source of water supply for the city of Pune. The Khadakwasla Dam is among the most …

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Tansa Dam

Tansa Dam Shahapur Thane

Tansa Dam,  is a located in Shahapur taluka in Thane district of Maharashtra,  India. The Tansa dam Built on the Tansa river. Tansa dam is an earthfill and gravity dam. It is the oldest masonry dam originally Built by British Engineer Mr.Tullock of the Municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai in 1925. Subsequently raised in stages to meet the need of water …

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