Tukaram Maharaj

Saint Tukaram Maharaj (Sant Tukaram Maharaj)

Dehu is a place of Sant Tukaram Maharaj – a well-known saint in Maharashtra. He and Sant Dnyaneshwar were the popular saints and both worshiped Lord Vitthal. Family Life and Background Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj was born in 1608 and lived most of his life in Dehu, a village near Pune, on the banks of the Indrayani River. the Dehu village …

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Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj (Marathi sant)

Saint Dnyaneshwar was a 13th century Marathi saint, poet, philosopher and a yogi of the Nath sect. His works Dnyaneshwari, which is a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, and Amrutanubhav. Another compilation of compositions is considered to be milestones in Marathi literature. Saint Dnyaneshwar Background Dnyaneshwar was the second of four children of Vitthal Govind Kulkarni and Rukmini. A religious …

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