Dahanu Beach

Dahanu Beach Thane Mumbai

Dahanu Beach, with a beautiful seaside, situated in Thane District of Maharashtra State, India. The prime tourist attraction in Dahanu is Dahanu-Bordi Beach. Beach not only for its intensive and tidy beach, Dahanu can also be known for its huge chikoo fruit orchids. It boasts of some of the country’s best chikoo orchards.

Mecca on the Zoroastrians is a place, that is really common amongst visitors as there is a magnificent temple, which homes the sacred hearth of your Zoroastrians. An amazing fact is that fire has been kept alive almost a thousand years. Also, The existence of Iranian and Persian culture additional tends to make this place more unique.

How to Reach Dahanu Beach

By Road Nearest Railway Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. The distance between Mumbai – Dahanu Beach 145 km. Also, Taxi and buses available for the beach NA Mumbai Map

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