Kandhar Fort

Kandhar Fort Nanded

Kandhar Fort is located at Kandhar city in Nanded district of Maharashtra state, India. Kandhar Town is famous for its fort. Fort is situated in the heart of Kandhar Town. Very few forts in Maharashtra are as well maintained as Kandhar. The fort is encircled with a ditch full of water.

Kandhar Fort
                             Fort Inner View

Kandhar Fort construction is attributed to the Rashtrakuta King Krishna III of Malkhed who styled himself as Kandharpuradhi Swar. Outside the fort at some distance is a hillock on which is situated an old Idgah held in reverence by the Muslims. It is of Nizamshahi period with two domes in characteristic Ahmednagar style. The ruins of this majestic and historic fort are located at a distance of 50 km from the Ranthambhore Nationwide Park. 

kandhar fort

How to Reach Kandhar Fort

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1. The distance between Nanded – Fort 45 km. Nanded Nanded Map

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