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The Karla Caves in Pune is an amazing place to visit. It is located in Karli close to Lonavala, About 40 km from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Karla Caves is a complex of ancient Buddhist Indian rock-cut architecture cave shrines developed over two periods – from 2nd century B.C to 2nd century C.E. and in 5th – 10th century. Even though the caves were constructed over a period of time and the oldest one is believed to date back to 160 BC.

The caves are on a major ancient trade route. Within the caves, a Buddhist monastery, dating back to the 2nd century BC, is located. A temple dedicated to the Goddess Ekaveera, who is worshipped most notably by the Koli community of Mumbai, is also located within the caves.

The main cave features a large, intricately carved chaitya, or prayer hall, dating back to the 1st century BC. This is among the largest rock-cut chaityas in India, measuring 45 meters (148 ft) long and up to 14 meters (46 ft) high. The hall features sculptures of both males and females, as well as animals such as lions and elephants.

Karla Caves
                            Karla Caves

The major attractions of the Karla Caves consist of the Chaitya Hall, beautifully chiseled sculptures and pillars adorned with incredible architecture. The magnificent structural design of the Chaitya Hall makes it a must see. Even the rooftop, made up of teakwood, has been exquisitely carved.

Karla Caves Timing

Best time to visit October to March. Ideal picnic spot for a one-day return trip.

How to Reach Karla Caves 

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. The distance between Lonavala – Karla Caves 8 km. Lonavala Pune Map
2. The distance between Pune – Karla Caves 42 km.
3. The distance between Mumbai – Karla Caves 118 km.

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