Markandeshwar Shiv Temple Gadchiroli

Shiv Temple Situated 40 km from Gadchiroli city is the ancient temple of Markandeshwar at Markanda in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra State, India. The village is situated on the bank of Vainganga River. This temple was supposed to be built by the Danvas (Evil forces) in one night. The temple is made of stone and the structure type is called as Hemadpanth.

The Markandeshwar shiv temple is constructed on the bank of Vainganga in the east side in 196 x 168 Sqft. area. Earlier, there were 24 temples. At present, there are only 18 temples existing, out of them only 4 temples are in good condition. The main temple of Markanda was distracted by striking of Lightning 300 years before. Therefore, no one could tell how the main temple formerly was.

Surrounding of the fortifications of the group temples there is the temple of Dashavtar. There are 12 Pithas, there are shown an extra 2 Pithas here. One of the experts of culture opinioned that these extra 2 Pithas influences the minds of the people more during this period and so more of the 2 Pithas might have been constructed.

There are 12 Shivlingas in the temple and courtyard of the temple. Would this thread-worn Shivlinga be called a Jyotirlinga? Various Arts and Sculptures found in the Markanda Temple are worth a look.

How to Reach 

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1.The distance between Mul – Markanda Deo Temple 25 km. Mul Nagpur Click here
2. The distance between Gadchiroli – Markanda Deo Temple 40 km.
3.Distance between Chandrapur – Markanda Deo Temple 65 kms.
4.Distance between Nagpur – Markanda Deo Temple 184 kms.

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