Pandavkada WaterFall (Pandav Kada)

Pandavkada WaterFall is a waterfall located Kharghar, a suburb of Navi Mumbai. These are the monsoon-made waterfalls, known as PANDAV KADA.  During monsoon, these waterfalls are formed at the Kharghar hills which is part of Sahyadri hills range of in Panvel taluka of Raigad District, Maharashtra state, India.

The waterfall, about 107 meters high is a type of ‘plunge’ waterfall in nature pouring in massive amounts of water on the rocky surface underneath, throwing away, with much of force, piercing bullets of water as it strikes the rocks underneath. Pandavkada Waterfall is a popular spot for one-day picnics among Navi Mumbaikars. This place resembles a hill station with its mesmerizing beauty and panoramic landscapes.

How to Reach Pandavkada WaterFall

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1. Pandavkada Waterfalls is located in Kharghar, which is easily accessible by trains via Harbour Line and Trans Harbour line. Auto rickshaws are available from Kharghar Railway Station. Click here

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