Sativali hot water springs

Sativali Hot Water Springs Mumbai

The Sativali hot water springs located near Mumbai in Maharashtra State, India. These hot springs are located 100 km north of Mumbai. Six hot springs are located on the banks of Vandri stream flowing near the village of Sativali.

The main hot spring (56.3°C) is located on the south bank and small sprouts (59.3°C) are located on the north bank of the stream.

The main water spring shows profuse gas emission. On the hot spring has constructed a concrete tank for the protection of human activity. Also,  there are three large and three small tanks opposite the temple. Firstly, the small tank to the left has hot water and steam rises up from it. Secondly, the other two tanks have relatively lukewarm water.  Discharge from the main tank is diverted to the secondary tank and used for bathing purposes. Also,  a borehole drilled nearby discharges hot water of ≈ 52°C.

Also, There are fragments of a Hindu temple at the hot spring area, with two broken bulls (Nandis), and two broken lingams. The temple is known as the Satoleshwar Mahadev temple.

Sativali Hot Water Springs Nearby places

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How to Reach Sativali Hot Water Springs

By Road:

State transport buses ply from Thane and Bassein (also known as Vasai) to Sativali. Also, Special buses are available for tourists from Mumbai to Sativali on Sundays and holidays.

By Railway: 

The Nearest railway stations are Thane and Vasai. Also, you will get good connectivity from Mumbai.

By Air : 

Mumbai city is well connected by air from all major cities of India. Also, International flight connectivity good. Sativali nearby 60 km away from Mumbai.


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