Sevagram Ashram or Bapu Kuti Sevagram Wardha

Sevagram Ashram or Bapu Kuti is Located in Segaon village is the renowned Gandhi Ashram. Later this village renamed as Sewagram. Bapu Kuti of Service was Mahatma Gandhi’s headquarters and place for experiments from the year 1934 to 1940. Sevagram, working on the principles of Mahatma is a place of peace with greenery. Sevagram is located at Wardha near Nagpur in the Indian state Maharashtra State, India.

Some sixteen from Adi Nivas hut, Gandhiji’s disciple Miss Meera Ben had constructed a hut for herself and she used to teach spinning and carding to villagers in that hut. When the number of residents in the Adi Nivas increased, Gandhiji and Kasturba shifted to live in Meeraben’s hut. Meeraben constructed one more hut on the eastern side for herself. However, later on, she left this hut also for Gandhiji’s office and shifted to a nearby village. These huts are known today as ‘BAPU KUTI’ and ‘BAPU’S OFFICE’.

Sevagram Ashram

The ashram has a collection of several articles which were used by Gandhiji when he stayed at this site. In addition to this, the ashram houses Adi Niwas, Kishore Kuti, Akhri Niwas, Mahadeo Kuti, and Ba Kuti. Adi Nivas was the first hut built in the Ashram, hence the name. Gandhiji lived in it with other Ashram members in the early days. The northern verandah was used as a dining hall. Bapu Kuti was the place of residence for Kasturba Gandhi.

How to Reach Sevagram Ashram

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. The distance between Wardha – Bapu Kuti 8 km. Wardha Nagpur Click Here
2.The distance between Nagpur – Bapu Kuti 75 km. Sevagram

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