Tansa Dam

Tansa Dam Shahapur Thane

Tansa Dam,  is a located in Shahapur taluka in Thane district of Maharashtra,  India. The Tansa dam Built on the Tansa river. Tansa dam is an earthfill and gravity dam.

It is the oldest masonry dam originally Built by British Engineer Mr.Tullock of the Municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai in 1925. Subsequently raised in stages to meet the need of water supply to the city of Mumbai.

Tansa lake, one among the largest lakes, with a capacity of 3 million gallons of water. Bounded by the woody forests of the mahuli hills, this magnificent lake is an abundant resource of water and it is the perpetual source of water to the nearby wildlife sanctuary. The main attraction around this artificial lake is the Tansa wildlife sanctuary, that spread over a vast area of the thick forest. The wildlife sanctuary occupies an area of 216.75 sq km. This sanctuary houses rare species like a panther, Cheeta, Sambar and common languor.

Dam Details

Name of Dam Name of River Name of Place Main Purpose Area Height Capacity of Water Capacity of Power
Tansa Tansa Tal. Shapur, Dist. Thane Drinking water for Mumbai 134.5 sq km. 40.55 meter 7.36 TMC

How to Reach Tansa Dam

By Road Nearest Railway Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. Distance from Mumbai to Shahapur 100 km, Shahapur to Tansa 35 km. Mumbai Map

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