Tural Hot Water Springs Ratnagiri

The Tural hot water springs located at Tural village in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra State, India. which is located 10 km north of Sangmeshwar, between Tural and Chiplun, on the banks of a tributary joining the Shastri river. Cement tanks have constructed around the hot springs to protect the sprouts from human activity. The hot water is 59°C – 60°C. The water is reputed to cure skin diseases.

The hot springs at Rajwadi are 53°C -55 °C. There are two springs there. Intermittent gas emission in the form of bubbles observed in the hot water tanks. The hot springs situated on a riverbank; hence, some of the sprouts are submerged under the river water during monsoon. The spring is also reputed to cure skin diseases and rheumatic complaints and is a good appetizer.

How to Reach Tural hot water springs

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1. The distance between Sangmeshwar – Tural Hot Water Spring 10 km. Chiplun Ratnagiri Map

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