Versova Beach Mumbai

Versova beach in Mumbai is a popular beach in Mumbai just like Juhu. Versova is a beach-village in Mumbai located in the suburb in the Andheri. The beach faces the Arabian Sea. A large population of Mumbai’s fishing community, the Kolis, resides and are the origins of the Mumbai residing at one end of Versova beach.

The large population of the fishing community lives in this region. Large-scale occupation in this village is fishing, This village stands out to be culturally rich and lights up in joy in unique ways to celebrate each of its Festivals. Festivals here are a joy to watch. The important festival of this Koli community stands to be Coconut Day … where Gold Coconut offerings are made to Sea God, Holi has its unique of celebrating it.

In the historical period, Versova was once considered as the ideal port. The Arabs and Portuguese settled here for some period. Portuguese had the possession of this village for quite some time. Later, this village was handed to the Britishers.

Versova Sea is unlike Marine Drive which is guarded by the tetrapods. Versova beach in Mumbai uses massive rocks to buffer the buildings from the waves. When there is high tide, the whole of the beach goes under water. That is the only reason Versova beach is unlike the Juhu beach.

The beach is without the food stalls or food courts on the shore. Nor does the Versova beach have any lighting or illumination, making it slightly unsafe for the women after dusk. There many good hotels where you can stay and enjoy the beachside view. Best Time Any time of the year especially between September & May.

How to Reach Versova Beach

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1. BEST Buses are available from various parts of Mumbai.  1. Suburban local train to Andheri. Mumbai Click Here
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