Vihar Dam

Vihar Dam Mumbai (Vihar Lake)

Vihar Dam built on vihar river Mumbai within Borivali National Park, also called the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, in North Mumbai. Built in 1860, it is the largest lake in Mumbai in the Salsette group of islands. It is hemmed between the Tulsi Lake and the Powai Lake. It partly meets the drinking water needs of the South Mumbai region. The Powai-Kanheri hill ranges from the catchment area, which drains the rainwater into the lake. For this purpose, three earthen embankment dams with a masonry spillway section were constructed to create a reservoir of 9200 million gallons capacity at the full reservoir level of 80.42 meters. The lake has a maximum water depth of 34 m and a minimum of 12 m.

Vihar Lake, Mumbai has been the tourist attraction for many years. The lakes besides this lake are also attractive and people tend to visit this trio every time. Earlier; people were allowed free access to the Vihar Lake. However, since 1995, the access has been curtailed to quite an extent. You can catch a glimpse of the Vihar Lake in many Bollywood movies, for which it is one of the most popular shooting locations. The lake is visited, in large numbers, by the local people as well as the tourists coming to the Mumbai city. It has become a very famous venue for picnics, because of its beautiful surroundings.

Vihar Dam Details

Name of Dam Name of River Name of Place Main Purpose Area Height Capacity of Water Capacity of Power
Vihar Dam Vihar Mumbai Drinking water for Mumbai 25.6 meters

How to Reach Vihar Dam


By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. By Road 31 km from Mumbai. Map

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